XML-metadata-based GLSL shader framework

Late updates

It's been a while since I last updated the project blog, and the project as well, that is, but as you can see, this blog was successfully moved over to SourceForge

Since I'm very busy in my current job, all development of KAGEfx has come to a halt. But on the other hand, I'm about to launch another project that will integrate with (a newer version of) KAGEfx, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you want to fork/take over/collaborate on the project, please contact me through SourceForge so we can arrange this.

The project site itself is still running in the old version 3.1 of Pluxml. I'm testing version 5.0 at the moment. For the moment, the plan is to update to 5.1 once it's not in beta anymore, since this new version will support internationalization, meaning I won'T to go through the code and change the french expressions to english ones.

It ain't dead if it still budges

KageFX is not dead, yet.

I simply lost the password so I could not update the site during this time.

So what's new? KageFX has been completely rewritten from scratch and is still undergoing several changes. The actual version is 0.4, and is bound to offer much more flexibility than the initial release (0.1 and 0.2).

Hopefully, I will find some time to keep the updates coming and to make KageFX a much more standardized API for loading shaders with OpenGL.

Oh yeah, btw, I'm going to update the site to a newer version of Pluxml soon and move it to a faster server. I'm thinking of putting the site directly on the sourceforge server, instead of hosting it on my private free web space account.

Happy new year 2009 !

Happy new year 2009!

Happy new year 2008 !

Happy new year 2008

SVN access

I decided to write updates more often to this page, not as often as to my blog, but anyway. (And since I am currently working as Wii-developer at a famous german studio, won't have too mucc time, either).

Anyway, I decided to make access to the source code more easier by posting the SVN URL address here:

. Make sure to check out the HEAD-repository for the newest updates.

By the way, my blog's address is www.kirin-fx.net/blog if you want to learn a little more about the one behind the KAGEfx-project.

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