XML-metadata-based GLSL shader framework


I forgot to write a README file. So here is the short help text to the BIN archive:

The BIN package contains the executables and several DLL files needed to run the programs. The 2 main programs are "demo_kagefx.exe" and "test_kagefx.exe".


test_kagefx is a program to test the shader switching functionality of libKAGEfx. You have to run it from the shell using the following command:

test_kagefx file.xml

With file.xml as the KAGEfx-ShaderCollection in XML.

While running the program, you can use the follwing commands:

  • "escape" and "q" to quit
  • "p" to make the contour visible. (There are some bugs, though).
  • "0" to "9" in order to switch the shader module "fragment_main" in several LOD levels.
  • "+" and "-" to increment / decrement the complete LOD of the current program
  • "a" and "b" to switch the current program from "test_A" to "test_B" and reverse.
  • "" and "" to increment / decrement the LOD of the "fragment_main" module.


demo_kagefx is a small test application to demonstrate the useo of libKAGEfx for adaptive shaders for dynamic LOD. The LOD-algorithm isn't very advanced (and quite buggy), but it should suffice as a demo.

Start it with "demo_kagefx file.xml shaderProgam1 shaderProgram2"

with file.xml the KAGEfx-ShaderCollection and shaderProgram the programs applied to the two objects.

Note that you a need an OpenGL2.0-capable graphics card with the newest drivers to try the programs.